E-Commerce Sites – Considerations

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There are no quick ways to build your online presence. It will take time to promote your new brand, off and online.

  1. Make sure your price points are realistic. Running your products past family and friends may not always be the best idea. You may get your ears tickled, given an unrealistic appraisal and subsequently a price point for your products that just won’t appeal to your target market. Test your prices with surveys on and offline.
  2. Before you take the leap and build your own platform to sell your goods, it can be prudent to initially test the waters on platforms that will accommodate you for a fee per sale. Try Etsy or E Bay initially for example.
  3. Many new small businesses avail of the LEO grants available. See https://www.localenterprise.ie/Donegal/Financial-Supports/Trading-Online-Voucher/
    If you qualify, remember to factor in future costs that may not be covered in the voucher. Your site will need constant care. See our Care Plans.
  4. Allow for time in your day / week to promote your brand on your Social Media Platforms. A new site doesn’t simply attract customers by existing. Read our article on Your New Site – next steps.
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