Care Plans - Give your Website Some Love

Simply having a pretty website will not drive the traffic to your business that you may expect. A thoughtful care plan needs to be in place to keep your content fresh and your site as secure as possible in order to drive more potential customers to your business.


We offer each client a personalised monthly care plan depending on their needs. The reasons for doing so are that your website, like any other part of your business, needs to be up to date and secure. If you are serious about ranking well on search engines you will need a strategy in place to have fresh relative content on your website. Google loves it and your visitors will thank you for it. You can turn visitors into repeat visitors and increase sales.

Our plans include, allowance for new content (supplied by the business owner) to be added to your site, security updates and plug in updates as and when required to reduce a risk of attack on your site; monthly recommendations as to where the site could be enhanced.

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