Care Plans - Give your Website Some Love

Simply having a pretty website will not drive the traffic to your business that you may expect. A thoughtful care plan needs to be in place to keep your content fresh and your site as secure as possible in order to drive more potential customers to your business.


We offer each client a personalised monthly care plan depending on their needs. The reasons for doing so are that your website, like any other part of your business, needs to be up to date and secure. If you are serious about ranking well on search engines you will need a strategy in place to have fresh relative content on your website. Google loves it and your visitors will thank you for it. You can turn visitors into repeat visitors and increase sales.

Our plans include, allowance for new content (supplied by the business owner) to be added to your site, security updates and plug in updates as and when required to reduce a risk of attack on your site;  a monthly recommendation, if applicable, as to where the site could be enhanced.

The most successful websites have the most proactive maintenance. We’ve seen websites succeed exponentially with just a few simple tweaks and we’ve seen websites fail because of static content and broken links. We want to help make your site the best it can be which is why we are introducing our new Proactive Website Care plans.

Each plan comes with:

Website Maintenance. (Installation of and updates for website security software just to make your domain that little bit safer against brute force attacks. Updates to any used plugins as and when released.)

Website back ups. (Weekly, daily or real time depending on your plan. An essential should the worst happen and your site is brought down either to user error or a security breach. With your back ups in place, your site will be back online with as little disruption as possible.)

Labour Hours. (Each plan offers a differing amount of labour hours included. These are hours that you can use our services to add new content onto your site or social media. New content is vital for good rankings on Google.)

Performance recommendations. If apparent we’ll advise you on  possible recommendations as to how we can make your site better, faster and how to rank better. Nothing remains the same on the web and the best sites are pro active in staying on track.

If you are hosting your site on your own selected server with your hosting company of choice then, No.
However by purchasing a plan you are being pro active in helping your business succeed. Each month entitles you to a certain number of labour hours for content deployment by Jollyfox. That alone will help you rank better. Combine that with security updates, monthly advice if needed on your site and website backups should the worst happen and you have a very competitive plan that is going to help your online presence. Without a plan you run the risk of your site becoming stagnant in terms of content, not up to date with the latest technology and more vulnerable to attacks with old security exploits.

*It is important to note. We would not be able to stand over a site without an active care plan in place. Technology and sadly security vulnerabilities to technology expand at a rapid rate. Without a care plan in place, at best you drop in ranking due to old software and lack of new content. At worse, you leave yourself, your data and data of customers and clients open to hacking and hijacking.*

If you are hosting through Jollyfox, care plans are mandatory. This is for your peace of mind and ours.

Of course. You can change your plan at anytime. Your new plan will begin at the start of the next calendar month.

Unused labour hours can roll over for one month. Unspent hours after that time would be lost. One of the main points of these plans are to help each client with either updating their main business website and or their social media platforms attached in order for their website to be fresh, current and relevant. Not using your labour hours defeats the purpose. We WANT you to succeed.

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