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OK, so you may be a small business when standing against the big boys out there but that doesn’t mean you have to portray yourself as the poor cousin when it comes to your web presence. It’s time to punch above your weight in the online ring. Gloves up! “Ding! ding!”


Big business ensure their branding is consistent and professional across all mediums. Ensure your colour schemes, font choices, logos and strap-lines are uniformed on all platforms. But branding also means how your customers feel when they engage with you. Make sure you have a professional way of dealing with your customers on and offline. Everything from how you communicate on the phone or email with your customers, how you dress, the layout of your office etc is portraying your brand.

Online – ensure your branding is appealing to your target audience and remains constant across all platforms from your main website to your social media. Don’t employ all forms of social media just for the sake of it: pick and choose from a rich variety of social media out there and choose the ones that fit best with your business model.

Your Website

You may not have the deep pockets that larger business have but that does not mean your website should look less than professional. It is in this aspect that we can most certainly help. We can help you choose the best platform to build your website depending on your business needs. We can work on wordpress, joomla, drupal, adobe business catalyst based sites and more. Not only are these robust systems but time and time again, they prove effective for the small business to employ in terms of having a professional looking site that is affordable.

Your Hosting

An easy and forgivable mistake made by many small business is to purchase a cheap web hosting package. Try to avoid this because even if you have a well optimised website you are still going to be slower on a poor server. Slow sites = big drop out rates; visitors are not willing to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load. Depending on your needs, we can give new clients options on the best hosting companies within their budget. If you are on a poor hosting plan and need to move, we can help there also. If your competition has a hosting plan that speeds along like motorboat, you are not going to win the race of attracting custom if you’re paddling to keep up with a hosting plan that has all the power & security of a rowing boat.

Fast Forward >…..Your Care Plan / Maintenance

Ok so you have a professional responsive looking site up and running; optimised for speed and search engine rankings (hopefully!). You have your social media platforms picked out and advertised on your site and even better have a feed installed to push new content to and or from each. But are you keeping your site fresh with new content? If not you are missing out on a sure fire way of attracting new visitors and making repeat visitors. If there is one vital component to ensure your rank well on all major search engines it is ensuring you have fresh, relative content on your website. Google adores new content! If you need a plan set in place, we can offer website maintenance plans to accommodate your needs. Care plans offer a certain amount of hours of new content design & publishing monthly alongside any required security updates or patches. To know more about our care plans, please contact us.

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